What is a FAB LAB?

Fab Lab is a manufacturing lab specializing in digital technologies; it’s a space where you can create, learn, and teach. 

Fab Lab promotes entrepreneurship and proactive learning through the creative use of new technologies for experimentation and problem solving. 

The Fab Lab network is an open community of creators, artists, scientists, engineers, educators, students, and professionals located in over 100 countries. There are more than 1,750 Fab Labs around the globe. 

In Fab Lab Juárez you can find advanced machinery to develop new skills that will give you the opportunity to create almost everything you can imagine. 

Fab Labs of the world

Around the world there are approximately 1750 Fab Labs, the vast majority of which are distributed throughout Europe. 

In Mexico, there are approximately 25 active Fab Labs. Mexico City hosts the largest number in the country, with a total of four. 

In the State of Chihuahua there are 3 active Fab Labs. One of them within the La Salle University and 2 in Ciudad Juárez, counting one in the premises of Technology HUB and the Fab Lab Móvil which reaches four middle schools in the community. 

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Frequently asked questions

A Fab Lab (or Fabrication Laboratory) is a small-scale prototyping laboratory equipped with a wide range of computer-controlled tools capable of producing with different types of materials and the aim to create “Almost anything”. 

    • 3D printing. 
    • 3D scanning. 
    • CNC machining. 
    • Laser cutting (cardboard, wood, leather, acrylic, metal engraving). 
    • Vinyl cutting. 
    • Wood cutting and milling. 
    • Thermoforming. 

The processes and designs developed in the Fab Lab can be protected or sold, depending on what the inventor chooses, but the creations must remain available for use and learning of others.

You can bring your own raw material or buy it here. 

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